During 2020, many individuals and families spent a lot of time at home, and discovered that they needed more space.  Perhaps they have a new addition to the family on the way, which means an addition to their home might be a good plan.  Or, they have in-laws staying with them, and need their own space so the family isn’t walking all over each other.  Many folks have started new businesses out of their homes and now need a home office separate from the kid’s playroom!

Whatever the reason, the home-owner just needs to expand their space.  We can help an owner accomplish the following:

  • 2nd floor additions
  • Over-garage add-ons
  • DADU – Detached dwelling units for the back or side yards, or elsewhere on a property.
  • Bump-outs to increase kitchen or living spaces

Whatever your needs are for additions, contact us to see how we could help answer those questions!